Super Mario Run
Super Mario Run
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Super Mario Run / Specifications
  • Author: Nintendo
  • Version: 2.188.271345
  • Download: 134,654
Super Mario Run plays as a side-scrolling, auto-runner platform game. The plot begins with Mario accepting Princess Peach's invitation to her castle, only to witness Bowser kidnapping the Princess and destroying the Mushroom Kingdom, tasking Mario to undo his actions.[1][2] Mario automatically runs from left to right and jumps on his own to clear small gaps or obstacles.[3] The player can control Mario by tapping the touch screen to make him jump over larger obstacles;[4] the longer the screen is touched, the higher he jumps.[5] Like other Super Mario games, the player must maneuver Mario over gaps, onto enemies, and into coins to collect them. The player's end goal is to not only steer Mario safely across the level and reach the flagpole before time is exhausted but also accumulate as many coins as possible