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Township / Specifications
  • Author: Playrix
  • Version: 5.265.29364
  • Download: 97,509
The gameplay is built upon farming and production puzzle cores and casual order board games. A player starts harvesting crops such as wheat, corn, carrot, potato, sugarcane, cocoa, tomato, rubber, silk, and strawberries. Assets are used to produce goods in factories to earn coins and experience points. At the initial levels, players are assisted by a character named Ernie who gives them brief tutorials. For instance, he explains that the process of feeding the cows and milk production can take 20 minutes or occur immediately by spending in-game currency. To produce eggs, wool, and bacon, players can farm chickens, sheeps, and pigs. There are more than 250 goods to harvest or produce. Production puzzles are driven by orders, which first appear on a helicopter pad. The game is in sync with real-time, and rewards for a taken assignment depend on its time to manufacture products